In english - Seksualvejlederforeningen
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Welcome to the Danish Association for Sexuality Advisors.

Sexuality regardless of disability.

Sexual needs are a fundamental part of personal development regardless of disability. People with impaired functional capacity are entitled to help – so they can have a healthy sex life.

Social workers have a difficult time dealing with sexuality in the course of their practice.  This leaves a large group of people without assistance, and we would like to change that.

Come and see what we have to offer – we are prepared to help with sexuality regardless of disability.

Who we are:

The Danish Association for Sexuality Advisors (DASA) was founded in 1998. The association consists of around 200 members who all have gone through training as sexuality advisors. Our members work in many different fields, such as; mental disabilities, physical disabilities, vocational training, etc.

The aim of DASA is to:

  • Raise awareness about sexuality.
  • Spread the message: “Everyone has the right to have a sexual life – regardless of disability”.
  • Improve the qualifications of each individual Sexual Advisor.
  • Enhance the contact, and support development of, the academic level between members of the association.
  • Promote the recognition and development of training initiatives for Sexual advisors.
  • Each year the DASA invites all members to a two-day conference. The aim is to bring relevant and interesting lectures to further improve the qualifications of the members.

What we do

The members of DASA work in many different areas. They are all qualified to:

  • Teach staff about disability and sexual abuse.
  • Teach staff about disability and sexuality – Responsibilities and liabilities.
  • Facilitate processes on how to create a policy for sexuality.
  • Give courses for couples with disabilities – Learning how to act in a relationship.
  • Teach and advise people with a disability.
  • Provide guidance in sexuality – for singles and couples.


If you wish to contact the DASA you may contact one of the board members.

The details can be found in the “Kontakt” menu.